Exploring the intersection between neuromodulation, electrophysiology, and mathematics.

My overall interest is in using quantitative tools, functional imaging, and electrophysiology to gain insight into and predict those at risk for neuropsychiatric conditions such as post-operative/ICU delirium, cognitive decline, and chronic pain. Then, I hope to leverage these insights and use noninvasive neuromodulation to both treat and prevent these conditions. My research experience includes computational modeling, animal work, and clinical studies. Please read below and click the links for more details!

PC: Amy Thomas

Using focused ultrasound and nanotechnology to noninvasively deliver neuromodulatory drugs such as propofol and ketamine to rice-grain sized regions of the brain.

Leveraging the high spatiotemporal resolution of intracranial recordings to understand the effects of TMS on the functional networks within the human brain.

Predicting blood glucose levels hours into the future to high fidelity using human intracranial data.

Rycroft Group (Senior Thesis): Mechanical Interactions Between Cancer Cells and the Extracellular Matrix During Metastasis

Modeling biomechanical forces at play during metastasis of breast cancer cells